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You have reached the only fanlisting approved by tfl.org for Medusa piercings, also known as philtrum piercings. This beautiful piercing sits above the top lip and is versatile and unique. Medusa piercings can look great on both men and women and are quite distinctive. Whether you're just an admirer or you actually have a Medusa piercing yourself, please consider joining this list of international fans; it only takes a moment!

This fanlisting is run by Ashley (just an average fangirl), and is part of pink-pistol.net.

October 12th, 2011

What size jewelry do you use?

I’ve had my philtrum piercing since my 17th birthday and until recently had always used the standard labret stud that my piercer gave me. About a year ago I wanted to try a short post so that only the ball would show when I’d do things like smile wide or yawn, which previously would show off part of the post. Well, now I don’t recommend going too short with your medusa jewelry even if you are a perfectionist like me!

My medusa piercing looks marginally prettier without the bar showing when I’m cheesin’ (haha, that’s my photo up there in the header, all the way on the right), but I have found that I sometimes wake up with the flat back slightly embedded in my flesh. That’s an obvious sign that the post is too short—this is a 14g 5/16 post length. I’m going to take this out and put in a slightly longer stud to prevent this from getting worse—I think my old stud was a 1/2 inch post so maybe I’ll try a 3/8 length. I can imagine if you let this go on for too long you would start to see some problems. So this is just a warning to you all. What size/length jewelry do you guys wear in your philtrum piercing?

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July 5th, 2009

Brand Spankin’ New Layout!

I am very excited to say that I have finally gotten rid of the old layout and replaced it with a cool new one. This fanlisting was plagued with an ancient popup-and-iframe setup for years and I kept putting off a redesign, but it is finally fully rehabbed! I will be putting up some new buttons as well, which should be done by tomorrow night. :)

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